High Ropes Course

The high Ropes course is set with the grounds of Buckden House and is well establish on many activity programmes.

A fantastic facility available for both residential and day visitors.


The High Ropes course is specifically designed to offer opportunities for 8-year olds and upwards and differing physical abilities. The various tasks and obstacles involved allow students to push themselves at the right physical and mental level for themselves – meeting challenge through choice.

Elements built into the course include:

  • 10m high climbing wall
  • Multi-vine
  • High balance beam
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • High peg-pole / all aboard
  • Leap of faith
  • Himalayan bridge river crossing


The Course works well in building trust and mutual respect in groups; and can provide a powerful boost to self esteem by allowing students to operate, in safety, at or around their comfort threshhold.

Don’t take our word for it…come and see!