Staffing of activities

All sessions on our programmes fall into one of two categories:

  • Adventurous Activities – these require leaders with national governing body awards and specific approval from the Centre Manager. In most, instructors from Buckden House will lead these sessions. e.g. caving and ghyll scrambling.
  • Non-adventurous Activities – these can be led by appropriate staff/adults who fulfill the requirements of our operating guidelines. In certain circumstances it is a requirement to have a minimum of two members of visiting staff e.g. local walks.

In all cases, all sessions on the programme fall under the direct management and responsibility of the Centre.

Generally, our maximum activity group ratio is 10 students and 2 visiting leaders. However, ratios may well be less depending on the nature of the proposed activity and needs of the group.

In line with HASPEV we recommend allowing three visiting leaders per twenty pupils. These guidelines and your specific programme requirements can be discussed in detail with the Centre Manager when planning your visit .

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